About Us

Throughout several generations since 1908, we have used the most diversified and advanced technologies in the production of fruit derivatives.

In 1949 the Messina factory in Sicily, has been built by Ferdinando Briguglio near high-quality fruit gardens, a highly strategic location.

Our Company has always been a pioneer in the most important markets, offering specialized products to fulfill customers’ demands. 

We strive to promote globally the unique quality of Sicilian citrus fruit grown in the exceptionally rich volcanic soil of this beautiful island.

We own the full supply chain from the fruit in the garden to premium products on the shelves. We are proud to work in partnership with a global network of high-quality partners, bottling the final retail product with the most advanced technologies and with great care for the environment.

Festilia is 100% juice, with NO added sugar, no preservatives no chemical sprays, and naturally rich in Vitamin C, bottled in premium glass bottles.

1928 Cold Pressing
1928 Cold Pressing
1967 Labelling